Problem Referral Procedure
NEC intends to promote a healthy, responsive work environment. In any work situation, however, employment problems may occur – misunderstandings or disputes regarding conditions of employment, job duties, work performance, work relationships, management decisions, and/or possible harassment or discrimination situations.

Most workplace issues are resolved through direct and clear communication between the two parties. You should discuss such problems with your supervisor, who is the key person in all communications involving your work. However, there are times when support or consultation is needed and employees may choose to address their concerns through a less formal process.

In cases where an employee feels it is necessary to address a problem with someone not directly involved, he/she is encouraged to talk with his/her supervisor or with Human Resources, who will listen, help the employee define the problem, and help determine the appropriate way to resolve the problem.
An employee’s standing with NEC will not be jeopardized in any way by the use of the conflict resolution process, or by reporting an incident of harassment or discrimination. The Director of Human Resources is available to all parties for consultation and advice through the conflict resolution process.
You may ask the Human Resources Office for advice and assistance. Other resources are the Employee Assistance Plan.