A Virtual Monthly Happy Hour

Dear Friends,

It’s been a very long time since I actively blogged. Now that I’m running Community & Education programs for Orchestra of St. Luke's, the last thing I feel like doing after a long day’s work is sitting at the computer and writing more. At this stage, more than sharing what I’m learning along the way, I’m craving to learn from my colleagues about what’s working for you all, and what challenges and milestones you're encountering along the way. Amidst the all-consuming nature of my job (which I love), I find myself yearning for a monthly drink with my Sistema and other arts education colleagues and friends, to just share whatever we can in the spirit of growing in our individual work.

So I’d like to change the format of this blog for a bit, and turn it into a conversation. If we were to all get together informally over coffee (or something stronger) and share our questions and concerns, what would they be? Let’s start simply: what’s one thing going on in your program this week that you wish you could share with your colleagues outside of your organization?

To get the conversation started, here’s what’s on my mind this week: how do I find (or develop) the kinds of teachers who will embody the spirit of “Sistema” and commit every lesson to helping the kids build focus, collaboration, and respect? I’ve brought in guest teachers to model what I’m hoping to see in the classroom, but how do I create that same energy across the whole team of teaching artists who have very different skills and strengths?

Please comment either with feedback, or with your own questions for the community. I very much hope to hear from you!

Here’s to an abundant, healthy, and joyful 2014.