NEC & Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Orchestral music is a living, evolving, dynamic process.
Gil RoseArtistic Director, Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) is one of the few professional orchestras in the United States dedicated exclusively to performing and recording music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded in 1996 by Artistic Director Gil Rose, BMOP’s mission is to illuminate the connections that exist naturally between contemporary music and contemporary society by reuniting composers and audiences in a shared concert experience. BMOP offers a subscription season in NEC’s Jordan Hall and other venues, as well as informal concerts in downtown clubs. ASCAP has honored BMOP seven times with its Award for Adventurous Programming of Orchestral Music.

The NEC connection

One of BMOP’s first concerts, in November 1996, was held in NEC’s Jordan Hall and included music by NEC composers Arthur Berger, then of the faculty, and Alan Hovhaness ’36.

In 1998, NEC welcomed BMOP as its affiliate orchestra for new music, and in May 1999, BMOP’s Jordan Hall concert dedicated to “NEC Composers, Past, Present & Future” launched an annual series of concerts built around compositions and performances by NEC musicians.

Currently, the annual "Boston ConNECtion" concert features the performance of the selected score from the NEC/BMOP composition contest and a work performed by the winner of the NEC/BMOP concerto competition. NEC students may attend BMOP concerts free of charge.

As the Artistic Director of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, our whole philosophy is based on the idea that orchestral music is a living, evolving, dynamic process. And what better way is there to shape the music of today and tomorrow than by working with the next generation of performers and composers? That's why I value our relationship with NEC so highly. BMOP's programming is the most eclectic and stylistically diverse of any orchestra in city (possibly even the world!), and every season we're honored to add an NEC student composer's work to the mix through our annual BMOP/NEC Composition Competition. Plus, we regularly work with the NEC Choirs and exceptional student soloists to deliver some truly groundbreaking works that you won't hear anywhere else. Like NEC, BMOP really ties together two important strains of contemporary classical music: the power of tradition and the multiplicity of the modern world.

—Gil Rose

BMOP/sound recordings

BMOP has released many world premiere recordings, including CDs dedicated to the music of NEC composers and/or featuring NEC performers.

More BMOP recordings of NEC composers and performers:

Anthony Paul De Ritis: Pop Concerto (2017) soloists include Eliot Fisk

Mason Bates: Mothership (2015) soloists include Jason Moran

Donald Crockett: Blue Earth (2015) with Kate Vincent '99 M.M., '01 M.M.

Lou Harrison: La Koro Sutro (2014) with Gabriela Diaz '03, '05 M.M.

Lewis Spratlan: Apollo and Daphne Variations (2014) with Eliot Gattegno '05, '07 M.M.

Milton Babbitt: All Set (2013) with Lucy Shelton '68 M.M.

Mathew Rosenblum '78, '79 M.M.: Möbius Loop (2013)

Arthur Berger: Words for Music, Perhaps (2013)

Andy Vores: Goback Goback (2013) with David Kravitz '88 M.M.

Jacob Druckman: Lamia (2013) with Lucy Shelton '68 M.M.

John Harbison: Winter's Tale (2012) soloists include David Kravitz '88 M.M., Dana Whiteside '93 M.M., '94 G.D., Christian Figueroa '03, Jeramie Hammond '04 M.M.

Eric Moe: Kick & Ride (2011) with Robert Schulz '92 M.M., '94 G.D.

Alan Hovhaness '33: Exile Symphony (2011) soloists include Kenneth Radnofsky

Lisa Bielawa: In Medias Res (2010) virtually all of the soloists on this recording are NEC alumni and/or faculty

William Thomas McKinley: R.A.P. (2010) soloists include Richard Stoltzman, Nancy Zeltsman '82.

Ken Ueno: Talus (2010) soloists include Wendy Richman '04 M.M.

Elliott Schwartz: Chamber Concertos I–VI (2009) soloists include Anthony D'Amico '91 M.M., Gary Gorczyca '93, Eliot Gattegno '05, '07 M.M., Ronald Haroutunian '78

Kim Kashkashian: Neharót (2009)

Louis Andriessen: La Passione (2009) soloists include Monica Germino '90

John Harbison: Full Moon in March (2009) soloists include Lorraine DiSimone '82 M.M., Anne Harley '91 C.E., James Maddalena '76

David Rakowski '80: Winged Contraption (2009)

Lee Hyla: Lives of the Saints (2008)

Michael Gandolfi: Y2K Compliant (2008)

Bernard Rands: Canti Trilogy (2004) soloists include Lucy Shelton '68 M.M.

Lee Hyla: Trans (2004) soloists include Laura Frautschi '91 Prep

Arthur Berger: The Complete Orchestral Works (2003)

Tod Machover: Hyperstring Trilogy (2003) soloists include Kim Kashkashian