CI Audition Repertoire

Due to the present Covid surge, NEC has made the decision to move final auditions to an all-recorded format for most majors and programs. We hope this adjustment will help all applicants and their families remain healthy and avoid travel delays. 

Final recorded auditions will be due on February 10, 2022.

Please read the recording guidelines carefully.

Final Audition Guidelines - Updated January 14, 2022

  • Materials:  Applicants should submit two pieces: 
  1. The first piece must be a recomposition (your version/arrangement/cover of a pre-existing piece)


  2. The second piece may be another recomposition, an original work, etc, but should be a contrast from the first submission. (e.g. if your first submission is your improvisation based on a Bach fugue, the second piece should be something drawing on non-classical repertoire; consider different grooves/pulses/rhythmic feels/styles/genres; etc)


It is important that we hear how you create a rhythmic groove (in any style) as rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic work are all important parts of our curriculum.

Please do not submit two original compositions. One piece must show your engagement with a pre-existing work/tradition.

Applicants may elect to resubmit their prescreen materials if they fulfill these requirements. 


  • Interview: Each applicant will have a 15 minute zoom interview with program faculty. Information regarding scheduling is forthcoming. 

    In the interview, you may be asked to do any of the following:

    • Sing a prepared melody (sent to you ahead of the audition)

    • Play with a track (to be sent during audition)

    • Try some things on instrument as requested by faculty 

    • Discuss program and interests


  • Aural Skills Test: Applicants will take an aural skills test (online) on the morning of Feb 13th from 9 - 10am. For the exam, you will need:

    • Good headphones

    • Pencil and manuscript paper (or some kind of notation software)