Contemporary Musical Arts

We’re Contemporary Musical Arts at New England Conservatory: a revolution in music and music education for more than 50 years. We bring together a diverse group of the world’s finest young artists in a setting where they can grow as a community of composers, performers, and improvisers, learning from each other and from accomplished faculty. 

The program was first known as “Third Stream” at its founding by Gunther Schuller and Ran Blake in reference to the fusion of European classical and American jazz traditions, later transforming into Contemporary Improvisation. Today, the CMA program endures as an innovative training ground for adventurous musicians who thrive in the space between genres and beyond boundaries. 

With an emphasis on ear training, technique, conceptual ideas, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a wide range of improvisational traditions from the United States and around the world, the CMA program is at the forefront of groundbreaking music, innovation, and artistry. 

Find a place for your music and your voice in an ever-changing world: join us in Contemporary Musical Arts.