Edward Guo ’08 Composition

“When you study at NEC, you see the best in the field.”  


Before he founded the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP), which is now a global virtual music library, Edward Guo ’08 was a composition student at NEC who wondered what he could do to help the music community. He was inspired by the school’s extensive collection of music and decided to find a way to share the resource with the world. 

After IMSLP took off, Edward worked as a corporate lawyer to help support his company, but he is now back to focusing on IMSLP. He said his NEC experience set him up for success. “When you study at NEC, you see the best in the field. Knowing those musicians helped me develop IMSLP,” he said. “When I’m at European conventions talking about the company, it has helped to mention that I am an NEC grad, because people respect the school and trust that I know what I’m doing.”  

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