CMA Small Ensembles: Malek Contemporary Vocal Ensemble & Kouyate Mande West African Music Ensembles

NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community:

THREE SETS: 7 PM, 8 PM, & 9 PM

7:00pm - Malek Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

This is an acapella ensemble that will study and perform arrangements and compositions by Malek, students in the ensemble, and contemporary writers such as Kerry Marsh and Caroline Shaw. The group will study genres including (but not limited to) African American Spirituals, Contemporary Classical, Jazz, and Pop, with the goal of examining and celebrating the unique and vast capabilities of the human voice.

Farayi Malek, coach
Sarah Matsushima, voice
Litha Wilson, voice
Yu (Hayley) Qin, voice
Serena Bixby, voice
Ruochen (Maggie) Zhang, voice
Susanna McCarthy, voice 
Emmy (Yihong) Guo, voice 
Kayden Carter, voice 
Agne Giedraityte, voice 
Adrian Chabla, voice
Avi Randall, voice
Weza Jamison-Neto, voice 
Changrong (Yannick) Yan, voice
Haoyu Zheng, voice

8:00pm- Mande West African Music Ensemble

Mandé Music ensemble is an introduction to West African history and culture through music. 

Balla Kouyate, coach
Yu (Hayley) Qin, voice/cello
Itay Dayan, clarinet
Grant Beale, guitar
Skyler Lim, piano/violin/guitar
Karl Henry, cello
Ben Friedland, bass 
Jiangcheng (Jeff) Guan, percussion

9:00pm- Mande West African Music Ensemble

Balla Kouyate, coach
Jacqueline Armbruster, viola 
Amelia Guan, voice 
Giulia Haible, cello/voice
Edward (Xiao) Sun, guitar/voice
Moyu Zhang, piano/voice
Jamie Eliot, electric bass/guitar