Contemporary Improvisation and Jazz at NEC: Jason Moran and Early Jazz Ensembles

NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Performances by small jazz and contemporary improvisation ensembles coached by NEC's exceptional faculty. This evening's concerts are performed live and streamed in real time from the Eben Jordan Ensemble Room.

TWO sets: 8:00 & 9:15 PM

This performance will be viewable in-person for internal NEC audiences only, and via livestream for public audiences. (Livestream below will be made accessible prior to concert start.)

View livestream from Eben Jordan:

  1. 8:00 PM | Jason Moran Ensemble

    Jason Moran's ensembles work on improvisational and compositional techniques.  The repertoire consists of student compositions and composition which Moran has either composed or performed.

    Delfina Cheb Terrab, vocals
    Miranda Agnew, trumpet
    Ben Eidson, alto saxophone
    Griffin Woodard, bass clarinet
    Evan Vietorisz, guitar
    Rahul Carlberg, piano
    Anna Abondolo, double bass
    Kabir Adhiya-Kumar, rrums


  2. 9:15 PM | Early Jazz Ensemble

    This ensemble explores the period of 1923-1935, beginning with the Oliver Creole Jazz Band, ending with the first recordings of Count Basie with Lester Young. Students learn to hear the nuances of the rhythm section, despite the limitations of early recordings and additionally, analyze elements of pitch, scale, timbre, rhythm and phrase.

    Heather Milberger, vocals
    Simone Trovato, trumpet
    Aaron Kaufman-Levine, alto saxophone
    Sam Margolis, trombone
    Jahnvi Madan, clarinet
    Talia Rubenstein, guitar
    George Behrakis, piano
    Mark Abramovski, double bass
    Kabir Adhiya-Kumar, drums