NEC Electronic Showcases

NEC: Pierce Hall | Directions

241 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Two showcases featuring students from Composition, Contemporary Improvisation, Jazz, and Classical Performance departments.

This event will be open to in-person audiences and also available to watch via the password-protected livestream link below.

Watch performer-produced livestream from Pierce Hall

Showcase 1: Tuesday, May 17th, 4:00-5:30

Roaming in time, a gamifying composition by Tianfang Jia

Interactive audiovisual


Ben Eidson; live electronics, tablet controllers

[Untitled electroacoustic performance] by Francesca Ter-Berg

Francesca Ter-Berg, cello, electronics

 New Languages I: Speech Patterns by Xiaowei Cao

Xiaowei Cao; voice, electronics


Brooks Clarke and Rihards Kolmanis; guitars, electronics

[Interactive bird-light project] by Emmett Mathison


[Duo performance]

Litha Ashforth, voice;  Marie Carroll, electronics



Thiann-Kóng (I Heard Someone Say...) by An-Ni Wei

An-Ni Wei; voice, electronics, and images

 [Electronic performance] by Nico Daglio-Fine

 Ink Painting by Yunqi Li

Bowen Chen, violin; Hechen Sun, cello; Yunqi Li, electronics

 A Memory Puzzle by Kei Wing Chan

Fixed media

 Detection by Ko Muramatsu

Chihiro Asano, voice; Ko Muramatsu, electronics

 Cello Landscape by Davis You

Davis You, cello and electronics

 Máquina de Luz by Emiliano López

Emiliano López, Music and Visuals

Katya Popova, Image Manipulation