NEC Prep Youth Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Please join us in welcoming the Preparatory School's Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by David Loebel, as the ensemble returns to the Jordan Hall stage!

This event is open to in-person audiences, and can also be viewed below via livestream.

View livestream from Jordan Hall:

  • NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Eleanor Markey, violin
  1. Ralph Vaughan Williams | Five Variants of "Dives and Lazarus"

    Introduction and Theme: Adagio
    Variant I
    Variant II: Allegro moderato
    Variant III:
    Variant IV: L'istesso tempo
    Variant V: Adagio

  2. Erich Wolfgang Korngold | from Violin Concerto in D Major, op. 35

    1. Moderato nobile

    There will be two performances of the Korngold, each performed by a different string section.


    Eleanor Markey

    Eleanor Markey began her violin studies at the age of three with Suzy Perelman in New York City. Since moving to Boston, she has studied at NEC Preparatory School with Magdalena Richter, and, currently, with Robyn Bollinger.
            She has twice won first place in NEC Prep’s open concerto competition, performing Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen with NEC Prep’s Junior Repertory Orchestra in 2018. She has also earned first place honors in multiple divisions of the Massachusetts Music Teachers Association Bay State Contest.

            Eleanor developed a love of chamber music at Greenwood Music camp and has been a member of NEC Prep’s Chamber Music Intensive Performance Seminar —also known as “CHIPS” — since its inception. Her chamber group, Trio Giocoso, was featured on the NPR program From the Top.
            Eleanor’s recent festival activities include Heifetz International Music Institute, New York String Orchestra Seminar, and Online Solo Strings Intensive.
            In addition to classical music, Eleanor enjoys traditional fiddling, and she has performed at locations in Massachusetts and West Virginia. When she is not playing the violin, Eleanor can be found writing, reading, or hanging out with her three younger brothers and their big fluffy dog.


    NEC Youth Philharmonic

    First Violin
    Morgan Alverson
    Anjali Asthagiri

    Noah Berz
    Ayana Jaycox
    Keila Wakao
    Priscilla Lee
    Hagan Dung
    Nicole Cheng
    Daniel Chin Garita
    Dana Chang
    Jessica Levinson
    Alice Guo
    Lisa Wang
    Josie Kelleher

    Second Violin
    Lana Crosson

    Disha Sankholkar
    Emily Ames
    Justin Zlabys
    Jungyoon Lee
    Joylyn Kim
    Yejoon Kwon
    Joeahn Lee
    Peishiuan Lin
    Chocoria Jiang
    John Clancy
    Sophiette Hong
    Ella Kelly
    Joshua Lu

    Charlie Picone
    Connie Tian
    Sora Shirai
    Gyumin Lee
    Ana Cardona Izquiel
    Arya Ramachandran
    Samuel Benaim Grand
    Isabelle Kim

    Nicolas Bass
    Mina Kim
    Isaac Laing
    Amithi Tadigadapa
    Zani Lewis
    Gabriel Lee
    Lazar Kaminsky
    Jimmy Cai
    Alex Aranzabal
    Seoyun Heo
    Erica Lee
    Shivane Pretap
    Charlotte Raine
    Miriam Herron

    Cailin Singleton*

    Jacob Kalogerakos*

    Erin Chen

    Jasmine Ma
    Marilyn Swinger

    Kate Park

    Anya Chen

    Alice Song
    Alexander Zhang

    Daniel Jang

    Irene Son
    Eric Tu

    Samuel D’Amico
    Graham Hardin
    Rose Lischner

    Joanna Yi

    French horn
    Jasmine Chen
    Plamen Fung
    Lydia Haddad
    Daniel Ma
    Elisabeth Scoffield

    Mark Martirosian

    Frederick Poor

    Cole MacEwen


    Christian Ogata
    George Powell

    Ella Brown
    Marin Trendel

    Emily Ames

    *College Players
    ‡ Principal Korngold players



    • Eleanor Markey, violin