Recital: Morgan Mackenzie Short '22 MM, Harp

NEC: Williams Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC's students meet one-on-one each week with a faculty artist to perfect their craft. As each one leaves NEC to make their mark in the performance world, they present a full, professional recital that is free and open to the public. It's your first look at the artists of tomorrow.

Morgan Mackenzie Short '22 MM studies Harp with Jessica Zhou.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here:

  • Morgan Mackenzie Short '22 MM, harp
  • Rachel Yi and Nozomi Murayama, violin
  • Julia Chiau-Rung Chen, viola
  • Adi Muralidharan, cello
  • Jessica Zhou, studio teacher

  2. Carlos Salzedo | Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style, op. 30


    Program note

    One of the most celebrated harpists of the 20th century, Carlos Salzedo began writing the Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style while in his twenties in order to showcase the harp as a solo instrument.  Still in his early stages of developing his technique on the harp, Salzedo added to and refined the variations throughout his life so that the piece continued to grow with him.  Therefore, each variation centers around a specific technique embodying Neoclassicism.

  3. Bernard Andrès | Sweet Blues


    Program note

    Andrès is a French harpist and composer.  This short but powerful work features many extended techniques to form a theme and variations around a sweet and jazzy melody.

  4. Germaine Tailleferre | Sonata for Harp

    Perpetuum mobile


    Program note

    Tailleferre was a French composer and the only female member of Les Six.  Praised for its influences of American Jazz, Spanish Habanera, and expressionism, the Sonata for Harp is a journey which lets both the listener and the performer enjoy the complex textures and varied timbres which only the harp can offer.  This work was written for Spanish harpist, Nicanor Zabaleta. 

  5. Caroline Lizotte | Suite Galactique, op. 39

    Hymne au Bon Combat
    Scherzo del Pueblo


    Program note

    Lizotte is a Canadian harpist and composer.  The Suite Galactique explores the past, present, and future relationship man has with space/the heavens and vice versa in this innovative work which celebrates what all of us on this planet share: the earth, our stories, and music.

  6. François-Adrien Boieldieu | Concerto for Harp and Orchestra

    Allegro brillante
    Andante lento
    Rondeau: Allegro agitato


    Program note

    Boieldieu, called the “French Mozart,” was known as an opera composer.  His most famous work was his comic opera entitled, La dame blanche written in 1825.  Though the harp concerto was written early on in his career (he was twenty-five years old when he wrote it), one can clearly hear the operatic influence.  The first movement opens like an overture to an opera.  The second and third movements reveal the story, though whether or not the story ends as a comedy or a tragedy is up to the listener to decide.

    • Rachel Yi and Nozomi Murayama, violin
    • Julia Chiau-Rung Chen, viola
    • Adi Muralidharan, cello
  7. Morgan Mackenzie Short | The Gathering


    Program note

    I began writing this piece in December 2021.  This tune is a dedication and a tribute to the lives of two Scottish heroes whose lives have impacted the world.  They are Eric Liddell and Mary Slessor.  Both are known for their strength of character, who stood firmly for what they believed no matter the cost, and were determined to run their race for all people.  My composition is in five sections connected by a sense of running towards a goal.

  8. Morgan Mackenzie Short | Sunrise over River Cottage/Briana’s Song


    Program note

    I began writing this tune in March 2022 as an opener for a set of tunes I am writing as a tribute to my home, although recent world events have reshaped my understanding of what home is.  Therefore, I have rededicated this tune to Briana who was born in March 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine.  Let this melody remind us that even though night has fallen, hope comes in the morning (Psalm 30).     


    My deepest gratitude to my teacher, Jessica Zhou,
    and to my Mom and Dad for your support, guidance, and for always believing in me!!