Julia Bomfim ’20 SCE Jazz Performance, Violin

“It’s a wonderful school, a wonderful place to be, with amazing teachers and amazing students.”  


Julia Bomfim ’20 SCE was trained in classical violin through her master’s degree. When she wanted to expand into jazz, NEC’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) made it possible for her to get the training she wanted without having to complete any additional college credits.   

At SCE, she found herself immersed in a supportive and collaborative environment. “I was so fortunate; I couldn’t believe I had the chance to study with such high-level jazz musicians and teachers,” she said. “In ensemble rehearsals at other schools the teacher would coach us, but here the teacher actually plays with you in the band, and that’s so great, to have the chance to play with the faculty.”  

Now back home in Brazil, Julia reflected on the value of being exposed to various cultures and music at NEC. “I’ve never seen a conservatory with so many different types of music,” she said. “You hear classical, jazz, contemporary improvisation and world music. You can take advantage of all those different types of music. That was one of the best parts about NEC.”  

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