Renew Your Bridge Subscription

Paying for a Subscription

The Bridge System has switched to a new payment platform called "Transact." Please see the detailed PDF below for information on how to pay/renew your subscription. 


 Transact Payment Guide for Bridge



Learn More About Subscription Types

Individual Subscription | $60

This is for individuals seeking a personal subscription. This one-time payment of $60 grants you access for one calendar year. If you are a student at an institution with a Bridge account, please login with your institution's credentials. 

Please note: Accounts are not meant to be shared. If our system indicates your account is being shared, or being used as an Institutional Subscription, you run the risk of your account's access being suspended. 

Institution Subscription | $175

For Music Institutions and Artistic Organizations seeking an annual subscription. This type guarantees access for all users at your institution using a given username and shared password from the Bridge Team.


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