Music Technology Concentration

NEC offers a Music Technology Concentration for undergraduate students interested in utilizing technology in their creative work. Whether your intent is to enhance the production of your recorded music, live performance presentation with interactivity and multimedia, or electronic composition/scoring, technology-based courses offered at NEC will help you to build skills in these areas and to acquire new techniques that may prove useful when pursuing work in the music industry.

Students enrolled in the concentration are required to take three technology courses from NEC’s available offerings and to work independently with a faculty mentor on a capstone project designed around their specific interests. Areas of study may include, among others; recording, mixing, production, performance with electronics and multimedia, installation, scoring for new media, synthesis, real-time processing and interactivity, sensor-based controllers and digital instrument prototyping, computer-aided composition and analysis, and multichannel spatialization.

Please feel free to email John Mallia at and talk to your academic adviser about the possibility of pursuing the Music Technology Concentration.