Suzuki and the Celtics: NEC's Youngest Musicians Play the Celtics

A group of children in NEC Prep's Suzuki program play violin
A crowd at TD Bank stadium while NEC Prep strings players play the national anthem on the jumbotron

Forty strings players from NEC's Preparatory school Suzuki program performed the U.S. National Anthem prior to a recent basketball game featuring the Boston Celtics vs. the Orlando Magic.

The young musicians range from ages six to twelve, and were led by NEC Prep Suzuki instructors Jenny San, Rachel Fabulich, Laura Williamson, and Angela Leidig.

“For some of these students, this was their first time performing in a public space,” shares Lisa Fujita ’15 MM, Suzuki program manager.

“During the anthem, the audience would cheer and clap and that's a very exciting thing to realize: 

“Oh gosh, I can move a whole audience of basketball fans to stand and cheer just by playing my instrument!”

Students were well-prepared to play the national anthem within an ensemble setting, as the Suzuki method includes weekly group classes where students learn to play together.

This familiarity with ensemble playing is also excellent preparation for playing in orchestral settings. The Celtics performance provided an opportunity to welcome back players who have moved past Prep's Suzuki program and into Prep's large ensembles.

Photo credit: Brian Babineau / Boston Celtics

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Children in NEC's Suzuki Prep program play at the Celtics stadium


Children in NEC's Suzuki Prep program play at the Celtics stadium