Philippe L'Esperance ’22 AD Opera Studies

“NEC lets you be you.”   


Philippe L’Esperance ’22 AD thought that his future was in playing football, but his life took a turn when his sister convinced him to join their high school’s production of Oklahoma! Since then, he has trained to become an opera singer, performing as a young artist with various companies including the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and Palm Beach Opera.  

Thanks to contributions from NEC donors, Philippe received a scholarship that enabled him to take the next step in his artistic pathway. “This scholarship and experience have been an incredible opportunity for me,” he said. “As a performer on the cusp of a career, I feel that all the training and guidance I am receiving here will guide me in my career.” 

NEC is committed to fostering well-rounded musicians equipped to face a dynamic world. Philippe said he is expanding his skills beyond singing: “NEC’s opera department not only teaches us to sing, but helps us hone our acting skills. We are learning to be viable and accessible by practicing singing in front of a camera every week to bridge the gap between the performer and the audience. Every singer gets experiences that are crafted to them rather than being fit into a mold.” 

Although Philippe’s career goals continue to evolve, his goal as an artist remains the same: to reach people through his singing. “When I sing, I want my individual voice and personality to be seen and heard,” he said. “Music, in my opinion, is one of the most integral aspects of being human, and if I could use its transformative power to touch even just one person, I hope that I am helping to keep the art form alive.”  

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