Prep/CE Strategic Plan

New England Conservatory
Preparatory and Continuing Education
Strategic Plan
June 2011–June 2017


The Preparatory and Continuing Education (Prep/SCE) Strategic Plan is a component of NEC’s 2009/10–2015/16 Strategic Plan, which was adopted in December of 2008. This document provides specific strategies for Prep/CE’s fulfillment of the objectives broadly set forth in NEC’s Strategic Plan.

Upon my arrival in June 2010, the first priority given to me by President Tony Woodcock was an examination of Prep/CE’s strategic priorities. This plan reflects input gathered from a variety of sources and constituencies. The initial planning stages included a Committee drawn from faculty, staff, and board, several of whom represented Prep parent and CE student groups. Individual interviews have been conducted with thought leaders and participants from each constituency, including partner organizations. Finally, observations from the field, comparative data, and additional information were synthesized into the thinking and reflection portion of the planning process, the results of which are outlined in this document.

This plan belongs to the NEC community and reflects our aspirations for its future. The core mission of offering rigorous music education at all levels to all ages—the original vision of Prep founders Frances Lanier and Virginia Bacon, and promoted for 30 years by Dean Emeritus Mark Churchill—remains at the center of our daily operations, while our institutional role and methodologies will continue to evolve in order to meet the changing needs of our students, NEC, and the field of music. We are committed to the ongoing examination and testing of the relevancy of our programs and mission within all of those contexts, while maintaining the conservatory-level quality instruction for which NEC’s Prep/CE has become known. In the interest of positioning Prep/CE for future growth, this report reflects upon the ways in which Prep/CE will support the institution’s long-range vision; defines its unique departmental objectives; and outlines strategies that advance both.

Leslie Wu Foley
Dean & Executive Director