Core Strategies

Core Strategies & Implementation, One to Three Years

Mission and Culture

In 1987, Jean Stackhouse, the esteemed Director of Education for Prep/CE (then called the Extension Division) led selected faculty and staff in a long-range planning process. The following concept emerged as the heart of the department’s new mission statement:

“With a faculty dedicated to the highest artistic standards, the creation of a warm and nurturing educational atmosphere, and the broad view that the lines between audience, amateur musicians, professional musicians, and music supporters must not be too clearly drawn, the role of the [Extension Division] is one of encouragement to musical art at all levels.”

While the spirit of these words has strongly influenced our organizational culture in 2011, we need to further refine our version of the NEC mission statement and core values to reflect Prep/CE’s specific role within the institution. Examining who we are, who we serve, and assessing our strengths and opportunities for growth will be an ongoing process, which will include articulating specific written principles against which we can continue to measure our work.

In the meantime, through strategic re-positioning, Prep/CE will present itself in the marketplace as having the openness of a community music school, with the high-quality education of a world-class conservatory. Our role will be to support musical engagement in all of its forms; not just for musicians who are poised for professional performance careers, but also for future arts advocates, audience members, community leaders, and engaged citizens, all informed by the values that are imparted through rigorous musical education.

Core Strategies & Implementations