SWOT: Prep

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Preparatory School
Strengths: Prep Opportunities: Prep
Distinctive programs serving young and amateur musicians since 1950

Affiliation and shared resources with world-class conservatory

Sterling reputation of its programs

Excellent, committed, and high-profile faculty

Long history of success

Professional staff

Widely recognized large ensembles

Depth and breadth of programming

Unique model and positioning in
Boston’s music education community (size, scope, and quality)

Strong partnership with Walnut Hill School
Solid organizational infrastructure and strong institutional branding allows for sustainable program growth and development, with relatively low risk

Opportunity to use Prep as a cultivation tool for developing citizen-artists, not just performers

Closer alignment with college will enrich the experience of all NEC students, and help create pathways to careers in music both on-stage and off, as future audiences and arts advocates

Encouraging cross-over genres will help prepare students to take their place as 21st-century musicians
Weaknesses: Prep Threats: Prep
Low faculty wages

Lack of space limits program growth

Lack of investment dollars for marketing, competitive salaries, technology

Perception of “elitist” culture can discourage present and potential students

Tension in identity between open-enrollment community program and serious performance training program

Community partnerships are not well-defined

Not a magnet for significant fundraising
In a difficult economic climate, music “enrichment” can be seen as an expendable expense

Low faculty wages limit recruitment and threaten retention

Classical music (still the mainstay of our offerings) as a relevant art form is increasingly threatened