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Sarah Campbell ’21 Prep Violin

“When you have a big community like the one at Prep, it’s really powerful.”


Gabby Diaz ’03, ’05 MM Violin Performance

“I caught the new-music bug at NEC and still have it.”  


Lemuel Marc ’20 Prep, ’24 Jazz Trumpet

“NEC makes you a complete musician.”  

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Your Gift Enriches NEC Programs
A violinist show his instrument to two interested kids

Community Performances and Partnerships Program

Preparing students to be musicians in today's society--performing and working in community settings.

EM grantee Rayna Chou combines architecture and music in Taiwan

Entrepreneurial Musicianship

Cultivating the next generation of musical leaders by providing resources and tools integral to building a life in music.


Core Curriculums

NEC’s vast program offerings provide students with opportunities to explore beyond their field of study and enrich their growth as a musician.