Public Safety

In an emergency call 911 (if using a campus phone, dial 9-911)


New England Conservatory strives to keep our campus safe and welcoming to all NEC and visiting community members. Our special police officers and security guards enhance the safety of our campus through visibility, patrols, and continued training for emergency situations.  We hope that you will help us in our endeavors to keep our campus safe and secure.

If you see or encounter anything that you feel should be reported, please call the 24-Hour Security and Dispatch Line at (617) 585-1777, or extension 1777 from any campus phone.

Eric Schiazza,  Director of Public Safety 617-585-1125
Non-Emergency Security Questions 617-599-9965
Anonymous Tip Line


If you would like to provide comments or suggestions concerning our public safety program, please contact Eric Schiazza, Director of Public Safety.

2023 Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Below you will find a link to NEC’s 2023 Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. This includes a record of the statistics regarding incidents and/or crimes that were reported in the NEC community during the previous three years, in compliance with the Clery Act.

View the report

Building Hours

Jordan Hall

Every Day, Academic Year

7:00am - 11:00pm

SLPC (255 St. Botolph) Every Day, Academic Year 7:00am - 11:00pm
* Students living in Res Hall always have card access
241 St. Botolph Monday through Saturday 7:00am - 10:00pm
* Building closes at 10:00pm or 30 minutes after
Pierce Hall performance, whichever is later.
  Sunday 12:00pm - 10:00pm
33 Gainsborough Every Day, Academic Year 9:00am - 10:00pm

Please note that the Preparatory School has priority use of all buildings on Saturdays, so rooms are not available until after 6:00pm on Saturdays.

Emergency Notification System

Community members will receive notifications via e-mail and text from our Emergency Notification System when the immediate area has recently experienced, is experiencing, or may be about to experience a potential threat.

ID Policies

All Building Policy
We require all of our students, faculty, and staff to present their Penguin Pass upon entering any of our buildings. This allows us to manage visitor access, which in turn allows us to make the campus a safer place.  Guests are required to sign in with a photo ID at the security desk.

All faculty members must submit names of visitors to the security desk prior to their arrival so that guards can verify that these visitors are approved to gain access.  Visitors will be required to sign-in with security and provide a form of identification (driver’s license, student ID, etc.) to be held at the security desk.

Practice Policy
NEC community members are required to leave their Penguin Pass in the card slot located on the front window of the practice room they are utilizing.  This helps us to better regulate designated priority rooms and ensure that non-community members aren’t making use of practice room space.

If your Penguin Pass stops working, is stolen, lost, or in any way needs to be replaced, you may go to Campus Safety (255 St. Botolph – SLPC) to obtain a new one. If your card has stopped working (due to demagnetization or a similar physical problem), then a new card must be printed.

All students receive one replacement for free (regardless of the reason), and every replacement after that is $20 (regardless of the reason).

The Penguin Pass replacement can be made by downloading the Transact Mobile Ordering App on your mobile device for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play

  1. Search and select the icon for New England Conservatory of Music.
  2. Enter your Campus ID. 
  3. Select Online payments.
  4. Select the item you would like to purchase.
  5. Select tender, confirm and complete your order. 
  6. You will receive a receipt with the app and via email. 
  7. Campus Safety will also receive a copy of the receipt and will proceed in making a replacement Penguin Pass. 
  8. Campus Safety will then email you to inform you of when you can come to the Campus Safety office at 255 St. Botolph – SLPC to pick up your new NEC ID. 
  9. When you come to pick up your ID, please present your receipt on your phone.

General Safety Tips

The following safety tips can help keep you safe and secure.

  • Do not leave your belongings unattended.  This includes in practice rooms, dorm rooms, the Green Room Cafe, and the Blumenthal Family Library. Unattended belongings are the biggest cause of theft on campus.  If you are using a laptop computer, do not leave it unattended at any time. Keep your purse, wallet, keys and other valuables with you at all times.  Petty theft is reported frequently at the locations lining Huntington Avenue.
  • Be aware of people distracting you so they can have an opportunity to take your belongings.  Asking you for directions, the time, or for a light (for a cigarette) are the usual methods of distraction.
  • Faculty and staff should always lock offices when leaving for any period of time. Do not leave doors propped open.
  • Carry a minimal amount of cash and credit/ATM cards while on campus.
  • Do not carry passports, visas, or social security cards unless absolutely necessary.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity to Public Safety.
  • When walking around at night, remain in well-lit, well-traveled areas. Avoid shortcuts and remain alert.  Travel with friends, rather than by yourself.  Do not compromise safety for the sake of convenience.
  • Have your car or building key in your hand before you reach the door of your car or destination.  Do not spend time at your car door or at your destination searching for your keys.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Trust your instincts. If you are concerned about something you see or hear notify Security and leave the area.