Student Involvement in CPP

A portion of CPP's 2018-2019 cohort of fellows.
We've Moved!

Please note: The CPP Offices have moved! We are now located in SB200 on the second floor of the St. Botolph building.


As a culture of community service is strongly promoted at NEC, students are encouraged by faculty and administrators to participate in the Community Performances and Partnerships Program.

Any student who is interested may sign up to be involved on a volunteer basis as much or little as their schedule allows. Additionally, some students have class, program, or studio requirements that include participation in these programs.

Students who are interested in a deeper community engagement experience may apply to participate in one of NEC's Community Performances and Partnerships Fellowships. Students who are accepted into these programs receive an honorarium for their participation. All students who perform/work in community settings receive training through workshops, one-on-one mentoring, classes, seminars, and peer feedback sessions.  Below are the five fellowship program opportunities offered through the CPP Program:

  • Community Fellowship Program
  • Musical Storytelling Fellowship Program
  • Teaching Fellowship Program
  • Holiday Ensemble Fellowship
  • Ensemble Fellowship Program

View a complete description of each of the CPP Fellowship Programs.

If you are a current NEC student and would like to more information on ways that you can be involved in the program, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact: