Hear Here! NEC's Liberal Arts Literary Journal

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Hear Here! is the Liberal Arts Literary Journal, which features thought-provoking, intellectually and artistically stimulating student work. Edited by a board of students and faculty, the journal offers access to the exciting work NEC students complete in conjunction with or in addition to their musical studies, and it provides a public forum for interdisciplinary intellectual and artistic conversation. At the end of the year, awards are presented for both scholarly and creative writing.

Spring 2019 edition

You can take a look a previous issues here and here.


I’d like to submit. Can anyone submit?

Our submission period is now closed. We invite you to submit again sometime in the fall of 2020.

How do I submit?

Close to the submission date, we will put up a form that you can use to upload your work.

Are there other ways I can get involved?

Yes! We welcome volunteers to help us plan our launch event and to help to create buzz around submissions. Email Patrick Keppel and we will put you on our list.