Jonathan Paik Trio: NEC Studio Sessions

Today marks the release of a special new project we are so excited to share with the world: NEC Studio Sessions.

Studio Sessions is a performance series designed to showcase NEC students' musicality in an intimate setting that amplifies their unique artistic style and individuality.

Students from all musical disciplines and backgrounds bring their personalities into the studio, from the pieces they choose to perform to the objects they display on our set, a customizable backdrop designed in collaboration with Massachusetts College of Art and Design student Jess Smillie.

We kick off #NECStudioSessions with a jazz trio comprising pianist Jonathan Paik '23, bassist Will Mabuza '23, and drummer Noah Mark '25, who bring us compositions from Andrew Hill and Lowell Davidson, along with an original piece.

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon! 


NEC Studio Sessions Team

Producer: Olivia Richter

Audio Recording: Collin Register

Cameras: Andrew Hurlbut

Video Editing: Andrew Hurlbut

Set Design: Jess Smillie