Undergraduate Languages

Welcome to undergraduate Modern Languages! Our departmental mission is to cultivate in our uniquely diverse student body the linguistic and cultural tools to facilitate successful study, research, and professional opportunities in the French, German, and Italian speaking world.* We offer beginning and intermediate courses in French, German, and Italian for singers, instrumentalists, composers, and musicologists alike, with an emphasis not only on the mechanics of their chosen language but also on the cultural aspects of the countries where these languages are spoken. It is our hope that our students will be able to use their knowledge of foreign language to enable a fuller expression of their artistic voice at NEC and beyond. 

Modern Languages are an integral part of undergraduate education at NEC: 

  • Vocal Performance students are required to complete one year of study in French, German, and Italian.** 

  • Language courses also fulfill the General Education requirements for students in other majors. 

* For information on undergraduate ESL (English as a Second Language), please click here

** Placement testing: students who have previously studied these languages may seek exemption from some or all of these requirements; placement and exemption will be determined in consultation with language instructors and student advisors. 

The Foreign Language Center (FLC) welcomes undergraduate students at all levels of language study to engage with French, German, and Italian language and culture. Join us for holiday songs in December, Mardi Gras in the spring, movie nights, and weekly language tables throughout the year. Sign up for free individual or small group tutoring to develop your language skills, prepare for proficiency exams, conduct research, and more!