Penguin Pass: Guest User Accounts

To balance the need for cardholder privacy with the desire of many students and parents to have shared account access, the Penguin Pass Program has created the Guest User feature. This gives cardholders the ability to grant account access to another individual, usually a parent, so that value can easily be added to a Cold Cash account. Cardholders select the level of guest account access privileges by choosing one, two or all three of the following:

  1. Add Value & Manage Payment Methods - Guests can store a debit/credit card in the secure account center to make it easier to add value or create a Recurring Allowance to automatically transfer funds to a Cold Cash account on a pre-determined schedule.
  2. View Account Balances – Guests can see available balance.
  3. View Account Transaction Activity – Guests can see transaction activity.

To set up a Guest User, cardholders must first register their own Cold Cash account. Here's how.

  1. Log In to your Cold Cash account using your Username and Password
  2. On the Left Menu, click on My Profile.
  3. Under the My Profile Menu, click on Guest Users.
  4. On Page, click on “Add New.”
  5. On Page, under “My Authorized Guests,” complete form and choose Account Access Privileges.
  6. Click Submit.

Congratulations, you have successfully added a Guest User.

If you have any questions, please contact the Penguin Pass Service Center at
1-866-434-5443, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or via email at