Penguin Pass: How to Register

With your Penguin Pass handy, go to Cold Cash login page and click on "My Account" on the Left Menu Panel. This will bring up a series of pages and actions, as described here.

Cardholder Registration Page

First section

  1. Card Number - Enter your 16 digit number (without spaces).  It is located below your Alphanumeric Student ID number with a maximum length of 11 digits on the front of your Penguin Pass.
  2. Security Code - Enter the 3 digits located to the right of your 16 digit card number.
  3. Last Name - Enter your last name.

Second section

Enter one of the following (do not enter both):

  1. Student ID – Please enter your Student ID number - located under your name on the front of your Penguin Pass OR,
  2. Date of Birth – Enter in mm/dd/yyyy format

Then, click the Submit Button.

Create User Profile Page

Complete the form as follows:

  1. Create your username – A valid username is one word without spaces or special characters.
  2. Create your password – A valid password is at least 5 characters without spaces or special characters.
  3. Select a secret question from the drop-down list and provide your answer.
  4. Enter your email address.

Cardholder Terms & Conditions Page

Upon review:

  1. Click “Yes.”
  2. Enter Initials.
  3. Click “Accept Terms."

Registration & Card Activation Successful Confirmation Page

Congratulations, you have successfully registered your account. To access your account, click on "Click Here" to return to the login page and enter the username and password you just established.If you are unable to successfully register, please contact the Penguin Pass Service Center at 1-866-434-5443, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET or via e-mail at for assistance.