Schadt String Competition

The Schadt String Competition is the annual national solo string competition of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra. Begun in 1997 following a bequest to the Allentown Symphony Association from Edwin H. and Leigh W. Schadt, the competition alternates annually between violin, cello and classical guitar. The First Prize includes a cash award of $8,000 and a solo concerto engagement with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra during the season following each competition. More about this competition

Alexander Hersh
2016 | Alexander Hersh '15 B.M., '17 M.M., 1st place, performs Tarm Postlude

Schadt Competition Winners with NEC affiliations

NEC prizewinners at Schadt date back to 1997, the first year the competition was held.

2016 Cello
Alexander Hersh '15 B.M., '17 M.M., 1st place
Sujin Lee '09 Prep, '15 M.M., '17 G.D., current Prep faculty, 2nd place
Noemie Raymond-Friset '16 G.D., 3rd place

2013 Cello
Christine Lamprea '13 M.M., 1st place

2012 Violin
Ji-Won Song '17 M.M., 1st place

2010 Cello
Jacqueline Choi '05 Prep, '09 B.M., 1st place

2009 Violin
Shih-Kai Lin '14 D.M.A., 3rd place

2007 Cello
Jonathan Lewis '06 M.M., '12 D.M.A., 1st place
Alice Yoo '07 B.M., 3rd place

2005 Classical Guitar
Randall Avers '92 Prep, 2nd place

2004 Cello
Julia Bruskin '98 Prep, 1st place
Alice Yoo '07 B.M., 2nd place

2003 Violin
Nelson Lee '04 G.D. (violin), '06 M.M. (as member of Jupiter String Quartet), 2nd place

2000 Violin
Min-Young Kim '91 CE, 2nd place

1999 Classical Guitar
Luis Mantovani '00 M.M., '02 A.D., 2nd place

1997 Violin
Irina Muresanu '98 A.D., '09 D.M.A., former Prep faculty, 1st place