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Dear friends: Ensembles and performances will be suspended for the remainder of the semester, beginning Saturday, March 14. Effective March 9th, we have also suspended access to all NEC concerts for all visitors from outside our campus community.

We recognize that this news comes as a great disappointment to many, and we share in that disappointment.

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On March 7th (6:30pm) and March 13th (8:30pm), New England Conservatory’s Asian Students Association invites the Boston community to join us in two concerts of jazz, classical, and contemporary music in aid of doctors & patients in China fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Donations will be collected via the Tzu Chi Foundation, and will help provide much-needed medical supplies in China.

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Saturday, March 7 | 6:30 p.m. | Bower Stage

A program of jazz standards, popular Chinese songs, and Schoenberg’s 20th-century masterpiece, Pierrot Lunaire, with an introduction by longtime NEC faculty John Heiss.

Throughout the night, we invite you to visit Tzu Chi’s booth to explore their eco-friendly products (Tzu Chi will make 1-1 matching donations on all sales) or delicious snacks (free!).

Program for March 7


明天会更好 (Tomorrow Will Be Better) Luo Dayou
Yuntong Han, Sunwei Li, and Ruoxi Peng, voice
Hanwen Shi, piano

Yifei Zhou 

East of the Sun
Brooks Bowman

Chega de Saudade
Antonio Carlos Jobim
with Xin Xu, bass

Never will I Marry
Frank Loesser

Cecil Mclorin Salvant

いのちの名前 (Inichino namae)
Joe Hisashi
Yifei Zhou, voice



Introduction to the music of Schoenberg
John Heiss
NEC Flute & Composition Faculty
Contemporary Ensemble Director

Pierrot Lunaire (月光下的皮埃罗)
Arnold Schoenberg

Part One
Mondestrunken (Drunk with Moonlight)
Colombine (Columbine)
Der Dandy (The Dandy)
Eine blasse Wäscherin (A Pallid Washerwoman)
Valse de Chopin (Chopin’s Waltz)
Der kranke Mond (The Sick Moon)

Part Two
Nacht (Passacaglia) (Night)
Gebet an Pierrot (Prayer to Pierrot)
Raub (Theft)
Rote Messe (Red Mass)
Galgenlied (Gallows Song)
Enthauptung (Beheading)
Die Kreuze (The Crosses)

Part Three
Heimweh (Homesickness)
Gemeinheit! (Foul Play)
Parodie (Parody)
Der Mondfleck (The Moon Spot)
Heimfahrt (Barcarole) (Journey Home)
O Alter Duft (O Ancient Fragrance)

Caroline Nielson and Emily Siar, sprechstimme
Emma Carleton, violin and viola
Robbie Bui, cello
Xiaoyu Lin, flute and piccolo
Aleksis Martin, clarinet and bass clarinet
Ariel Mo, piano


Friday, March 13 | 8:30 p.m. | Burnes Hall

Classical performances including solo and chamber performances from internationally-renowned musicians Aristo Sham (piano), Samuel Andonian (violin), and Mari Nagahara (cello); and end with Mendelssohn’s brilliant Octet for Strings.

Program for March 13

Piano Sonata No. 4 in F-sharp major, Op. 30 Alexander Scriabin (1871-1915)

Prestissimo volando
Aristo Sham, piano

Piano Trio No. 2 in C Major, Op. 87 Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Allegro moderato
Andante con moto
Scherzo: Presto
Finale: Allegro giocoso

Samuel Andonian, violin
Mari Nagahara, cello
Aristo Sham, piano

- Intermission -

Widmung Franz Liszt/Robert Schumann
Aristo Sham, piano

Octet in E-flat major, Op. 20 Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
Allegro moderato ma con fuoco 
Scherzo: Allegro leggierissimo

Andrew Samarasekara, Leonardo Jaffé, Emma Carleton, and Grant Houston, violins
Haneul Park and Aidan Garrison, violas
Ivan Sendetskiy and Ben Maxwell, cellos


Held in NEC’s performance spaces at 255 Saint Botolph Street, both concerts will be free and open to the public. These events will be sponsored by New England Conservatory, the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, and the Tzu Chi Foundation USA.

The need

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, cities across China have been struggling to provide material for hospitals. In response, the Tzu Chi Foundation has been sending medical supplies such as protective overalls, N95 masks & surgical masks, protective eyewear etc. to institutions in China confronting the coronavirus.

All proceeds from these performances will be used to relieve doctors and patients facing the coronavirus. Through the sponsorship of Tzu Chi and Dr. Cathy Chan, the ASA is offering free refreshments at both concerts. Listeners at NEC and at home are encouraged to give through our online portal in the ASA's name, or in person; Tzu Chi will also be selling a special range of eco-friendly products on-site, and has pledged to match donations for all sales made.

For the NEC Community

NEC is closely monitoring developments related to the global outbreak of COVID-19. For up to date information regarding measures NEC is taking to support and protect the NEC community, please view NEC Health Alert