Jazz at NEC: Gospel, Reichman, and Jazz Composers' Ensemble

NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Faculty-led student ensembles present work ranging from early jazz, to bebop classics, to exciting student originals.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here: https://necmusic.edu/live


8pm - Prescod Gospel Ensemble

9pm - Dijkstra jazz composers' ensemble

  1. Ensembles
    • Prescod Gospel Ensemble
    • Kayden Carter, Voice
    • Helen Bultman, Voice
    • Anouk Chemla, Voice
    • Pitiki Aliakai, Voice
    • Hayley Qin, Voice
    • Emily Mitchell, Voice
    • Ariel Vera, Voice
    • Cedrine Francheska Brisson, Voice
    • Weza Jamison-Neto, Bass Trombone/Voice
    • Sammy Davies, Trumpet
    • Rolph Stong Wood Pierre, Trumpet
    • Shota Renwick, Saxophone
    • Haoyu Zheng, Keys/Voice
    • Peter Vasquez, Piano
    • Kai Lance, Guitar
    • Ben Walker, Bass
    • Victor Giraldez, Percussion
    • Paul July Joseph, Drums
    • Nedelka Prescod, Coach
  2. Ensembles
    • Dijkstra Jazz Composers' Ensemble
    • Helen Bultman, Voice
    • Jake Wise, Clarinet
    • Jim Connolly, Trombone
    • Victor Barragan, Guitar
    • Andre Bruni, Piano
    • Benedict Hui Yang Koh, Bass
    • Nico Diaglio-Fine, Drums
    • Jorrit Dijkstra, Coach