moon.unit: NEC Honors Ensemble (Jazz)

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Each year, an audition committee of professional musicians and faculty selects a few exceptional student ensembles to represent the NEC Honors Ensemble Program. The ensembles work with a faculty coach and are given an opportunity to perform a spring recital in NEC's Jordan Hall.

The members of tonight's Honors Ensemble are Koki Renwick '26,  Jake Walters '25 and Dominic Vance '24.  Their coach is Jason Palmer.

moon.unit is an emerging project out of Boston, a brainchild of three New England Conservatory students. moon.unit experimentally combines the styles of modern jazz, free and noise music, hip-hop, and pop genres into a unique listening experience.

This is an in-person event with a public live stream

  • Koki Renwick '26, trumpet
  • Jake Walters '25, piano, synthesizer, voice
  • Dominic Vance '24, drums, sample pad
  • Jason Palmer, coach
  1. Jake Walters | 2013

  2. Koki Renwick | Q841

  3. Jake Walters | Cherry Blossom

  4. Koki Renwick | waiting in the rain

  5. Stanley Cowell | Equipoise

  6. Jake Walters | Commercial Music

  7. Koki Renwick | a somber growth stripped of color

  8. Jake Walters | Motomap

  9. Jake Walters | Nightwatch

  10. Koki Renwick | a somber growth stripped of color

  11. Ron Miles | Queen of the South

  12. Jake Walters | Round the Way

  13. Jake Walters | 2013