NEC Symphony + David Loebel: Coleman, Haydn, Sibelius

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC Symphony, under the direction of David Loebel, performs Valerie Coleman's Seven O'Clock Shout, Haydn's Symphony No. 95 in C Minor, and Sibelius' Symphony No. 2.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here:

  1. Valerie Coleman | Seven O'Clock Shout (2020)

    Program note

    Seven O'Clock Shout is an anthem inspired by the tireless frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the heartwarming ritual of evening serenades that brings people together amidst isolation to celebrate life and the sacrifices of heroes.  The work begins with a distant and solitary solo between two trumpets in fanfare fashion to commemorate the isolation forced upon human kind, and the need to reach out to one another. The fanfare blossoms into a lushly dense landscape of nature, symbolizing both the caregiving acts of nurses and doctors as they try to save lives, while nature is transforming and healing herself during a time of self-isolation.
            It was suggested that a short work for a debut by multi-track recording could account for the ensemble performing together as if they were in the same room. One of the devices used to address this is the usage of ostinato, which is a rhythmic motif that repeats itself to generate forward motion and, in this case, groove. The ostinato patterns here are laid down by the bass section, allowing the English horn and strings to float over it, gradually building up to that moment at 7pm, when cheers, claps, clangings of pots and pans, and shouts ring through the air of cities around the world! The trumpets drive an infectious rhythm, layered with a traditional Son clave rhythm, while solo trombone boldly rings out an anthem within a traditional African call and response style. The entire orchestra ‘shouts’ back in response, and the entire ensemble rallies into an anthem that embodies the struggles and triumph of humanity. The work ends in a proud anthem moment where we all come together with grateful hearts to acknowledge that we have survived yet another day. 
            The virtual premiere was held on July 6th, 2020 by The Philadelphia Orchestra under Yannick Nézet-Séguin.                                                         
    – Valerie Coleman

  2. Franz Joseph Haydn | Symphony No. 95 in C Minor, Hob. I/95

    Allegro moderato
    Andante cantabile
    Menuet - Trio
    Finale: Vivace


  4. Jean Sibelius | Symphony No. 2 in D Major, op. 43

    Tempo Andante, ma rubato
    Finale: Allegro moderato

  5. NEC Symphony

    First Violin
    Tara Hagle
    Ava Kenney
    William Kinney
    Isabella Sun
    Kearston Gonzales
    Eleanor Markey
    Maxwell Fairman
    Minkyung Kang
    Aidan Daniels
    Kevin Kang
    Audrey Weizer
    Joseph Zamoyta
    Yeji Hwang
    Ian Johnson
    Second Violin
    Abby Reed
    Ashley Tsai
    Yirou Zhang
    Ravani Loushy Kay
    Jeremiah Jung
    Lauren Ahn
    Sofi Skoldberg
    Joanna Peters
    Tzu-Ya Huang
    Ryan Tully
    Emma Servadio
    HyoJeong Hwang
    Charlie Picone
    Pharida Tangtongchit
    Jessi Kaufman
    Leilani Wiswarkarma
    Harry Graham
    Rita Hughes Söderbaum
    John Turner
    Nina Dawallu
    Jiashu Yin
    Dylan Cohen
    Yu-Heng Wang
    Haobo Bi
    Jonathan Fuller
    Ethan Murphy
    Amelia Allen
    Eric Schindler
    Phoebe Chen
    Alex Aranzabal
    Austin Topper
    Ari Freed
    Yue Mao
    Ching-yu Tseng
    Yuxin Du
    Brian Choy
    Lawrence Hall
    Luke Tsuchiya
    Dennis McIntyre
    Sadie Goodman ‡
    Amelia Kazazian *
    Anna Ridenour §
    JouYing Ting
    Nina Tsai
    Yuhsi Chang ‡
    Rebecca Mack §
    Victoria Solis Alvarado *
    English horn
    Rebecca Mack
    Evan Chu §
    Adlemi A. Zambrano *
    Daniel Arakaki *
    Yerin Choi
    Zilong Huang
    Erik Paul §
    Jialu Wang ‡
    French horn
    Elijah Barclift ‡
    Mattias Bengtsson § 
    Mauricio Martinez *
    Xiaoran Xu  
    Maxwell DeForest
    Sebastián Haros ‡
    Justin Park §
    Alexandra Richmond *
    Becca Bertekap §
    Devin Drinan *
    Allie Klaire Ledbetter
    Bass Trombone
    Jason Sato
    Hayden Silvester
    Isabella Butler §
    Rohan Zakharia ‡
    Mingcheng Zhou *
    Isabella Butler 
    Mark Larrivee *
    Rohan Zakharia  
    Jintong Zhang

    Principal players