Composer Katarina Miljkovic has written for symphony orchestra, string orchestra, and various other groupings, including works for amplified saxophone, saxophone quartet, prepared piano, percussion, electric guitar, and computer generated sounds. Miljkovic's interest in the relationship of science, nature, and music led her to the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot's essay "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" and self-similar complex structures. Her cycle based on this idea, Forest, for two prepared pianos and percussion, has been released by Sachimay Records.

Miljkovic has worked on mapping the elementary rules from Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science to sound. She presented her exploration in this new field at the NKS Summer School at Brown University, NKS Conference 2004, Waltham, Mass., Wolfram Technology Conference 2005, Champaign, Illinois, NKS 2006 Washington, DC., The Musical and Scientific Legacies of Iannis Xenakis, 2006, Toronto, and International Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music, MCM 2007, Berlin.

Miljkovic's Rondo, Sequence for String Orchestra was performed on international tours of the Belgrade String Orchestra, conducted by Dusan Skovran, in China, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, and Great Britain, at venues such as the Beijing Concert Hall, the Moscow Conservatory Big Concert Hall, and the Bulgaria Symphony Hall. Her work Swifts, Sequence for Symphonic Orchestra was performed by the Belgrade Radio Orchestra and Athens Symphony Orchestra, and was broadcast internationally.

Katarina Miljkovic's works have been performed at major music festivals in her native Yugoslavia, including the Belgrade Music Festivities, BEMUS the Music Biennale of Contemporary Music, MBZ, the World Festival of Chamber Music in Zagreb, the Rostrum of Yugoslav Music, and wider, at the International Festival of Santorini, Greece, Budapest Festival of New Music, Romanische Sommer, Cologne, soundAxis, Toronto, and Boston CyberArts Festival.

At Commencement 2004, Katarina Miljkovic received NEC's Louis and Adrienne Krasner Teaching Excellence Award. She has taught at NEC since 1996.

B.A., M.A. in composition, University of Belgrade; D.M.A. in composition, NEC. Former faculty of Holy Cross College and University of Belgrade.