Strauss: Die Fledermaus

NEC: Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC opera students join the NEC Philharmonia, conducted by Robert Tweten, in four performances of Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II.  Joshua Major directs.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community - for Friday and Saturday only - here:

To purchase tickets on-site on a performance day, please visit the NEC Box Office window at the main entrance of Jordan Hall, beginning an hour before the show starts. Tickets cannot be purchased at the door of the Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre, so be sure to stop by Jordan Hall to reserve your tickets on your way to the Black Box.

  1. Thursday, Saturday Friday, Sunday
    Josie LarsenROSALINDAAlexandra Wiebe
    Megan HullADELEYeonjae Cho
    Morgan MastrangeloEISENSTEINMinSun Im
    Olivia SheehyORLOVSKYAlesandra Collins
    Suowei WuALFREDDongchen Xu
    Carlos ArcosFRANKJohan Hartman
    Hengzuo YanFALKEHyungjin Son
    KaiLiang WeiDR. BLINDDong Eun Yoon
    Margaret StoneIDAZhengying Yan

    CHORUS: Xingyan Chen, Shanti Fowler-Puja, Yejin Jang, Ty Johnson, Dongyang Li,
    Xiangning Ouyang, Melissa Pereyra, Sydney Pexton, Alexis Reese, Zeyu Song,
    Lara Amber Suer, Valentine Umeh, KaiLiang Wei, Dong Eun Yoon


    Members of NEC Philharmonia

    Violin 1  
    Minami Yoshida, June Chung, Cherin Lee

    Violin 2  
    Sarah Campbell, Hannah Park, Chiung-Han Tsai

    Asher Boorstin, Elton Tai

    Sarah Tindall, Pi-Wei Lin

    Double Bass          
    Colby Heimburger, Alyssa Peterson

    Jeong Won Choe

    Donovan Bown

    Sarah Cho


    Adam Chen

    French horn          
    Noah Silverman, Grace Clarke

    Nelson Martinez

    Ross Jarrell

    Ngaieng Lai, Rohan Zakharia

    Jingtong Zhang





    Herr von Eisenstein played a cruel practical joke on his friend, Dr. Falke. Having had many years to obsess over the subsequent embarrassment, Dr. Falke has planned an elaborate plot to extract revenge on his old ‘friend’….

     ACT I

    Outside the Eisenstein home, the tenor Alfred serenades his old flame Rosalinda, who is now married to Gabriel von Eisenstein. Adele receives a letter from her sister Ida inviting her to a great party held by Prince Orlofsky that night. She is determined to get the night off. Eisenstein and his lawyer, Dr. Blind arrive announcing that his jail sentence is now increased from five days to eight for arguing with the judge. Despite the fact that his jail term begins that evening, Dr. Falke, Eisenstein’s friend, convinces him to go to a party instead. After a dramatic farewell, Rosalinda reads a letter given to her by Dr. Falke, which asks her to go to the very same party in disguise. Alfred visits Rosalinda and attempts to seduce her, but she rebuffs him. Frank, the prison warden,  enters and mistakes Alfred for Eisenstein. To avoid a scandal, Rosalinda persuades Alfred to claim to be her husband. Frank then promptly escorts him to jail.


     ACT II

    At the party, Prince Orlofsky explains that he does not tolerate his guests looking bored, and that everyone must drink and celebrate. Dr. Falke, who has masterminded the plot to encourage the bored Prince to finally laugh, introduces to him the key players of his ‘domestic comedy.’ Eisenstein is disguised as the Marquis de Renard, Adele as the actress Olga, the prison warden as a fellow Frenchman, the Chevalier Chagrin, and finally Rosalinda as a mysterious masked Hungarian Countess. After mistaking ‘Olga’ for his chambermaid, Eisenstein tries to seduce the Countess, unaware that she is his wife, Rosalinda. The guests engage in a rousing finale, singing to love and the joys of champagne as Eisenstein and Frank rush off to jail.


    The next morning Frank and the jailor, Frosh, are passed out from the excesses of the previous night. Adele and Ida arrive to ask Frank to help start Adele’s career as an actress. Eisenstein arrives at the jail to begin his sentence, and both he and Frank reveal their true identities. However, Eisenstein gets a shock when he is informed that he has ‘already’ been arrested. Dr. Blind arrives and Eisenstein takes advantage of this to get to the bottom of the mystery of who has impersonated him. Rosalinda, who has arrived at the jail to retrieve Alfred, mistakes Eisenstein for a notary and explains both her predicament with Alfred, and her desire to divorce Eisenstein. Eisenstein reveals his identity and accuses his wife of infidelity, at which point Rosalinda produces his watch. Falke appears with the party guests and explains that the whole thing was set up to get revenge on Eisenstein and that everyone, even Rosalinda, was in on the joke. Frank promises to help Adele become an actress, Orlovsky finally laughs, Eisenstein blames the alcohol for his infidelity, and Rosalinda forgives him.